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Capture and keep your favourite holiday snapshot with Pembrokeshire Moments

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We’ve had some very positive feedback on our last blog which details where you can buy your Pembrokeshire-based Christmas presents and support local businesses in our gorgeous county.  For this blog, we wanted to focus on a local company that not only fits the same gift-buying bill but allows you to get involved in creating your own holiday snapshot.

A snapshot beautifully taken for you

Pembrokeshire Moments is a photographic souvenir business run by talented businesswoman Rachel Mullet from Roch, the closest village to Newgale Holidays.  Rachel is a photographer, creative businesswoman, and owner of no less than three successful businesses in this wild rural area.  She will tell you herself that her passion for photography began when her husband bought himself a new digital camera.

“He never came off the automatic setting”, Rachel tells us “so I took it upon myself to learn how to use it properly.  That was 10 years ago!”

And what a 10-year stint it’s been.  What started as a bit of fun quickly became an obsession, and as Rachel found herself becoming enamoured with capturing the perfect angles and the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastal light, an obsession quickly became a booming business. 

Pembrokeshire Moments evolved from the fantastic snapshots of the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline right on Rachel’s doorstep…exactly the same doorstep as your stay at Newgale Holidays!  With 186 miles of varying coastal wonder to capture, Rachel soon had enough material to begin creating photographic souvenirs for the thousands of visitors who visit us here in North Pembrokeshire every year. 

A quick visit to her online shop will show you what we mean – from beautiful prints of our rugged North Pembrokeshire cliffs to the diverse dunes and wide beaches of the south of the county, Rachel has created snapshots of Pembrokeshire that we know will be added to everyone’s wish list, especially if you’re unable to visit for a little while.

Not only does Rachel produce stunning framed or unframed prints, but her cushions, tea towels, mugs, and cards make quirky stocking fillers.  And why not have 12 months of Pembrokeshire beauty in your own home with her stunning calendars? 50p from each calendar goes to local men’s mental health charity Get The Boys a Lift; Rachel has already raised over £600 this year for this worthy cause.
View the gorgeous 2021 calendar here.

A snapshot of our most famous residents

One of Rachel’s favourite annual jaunts is to capture a snapshot of the life of Pembrokeshire’s most beloved creatures.  Every year, Rachel travels over to Skomer Island on an overnight trip to photograph the cheeky puffins who inhabit the island from May until the end of the summer.  “It’s fantastic in May because the evening light is great for photographing the puffins, but the island is also blanketed in bluebells” gushes Rachel.  The passion for her art and the beauty of the wildlife around her is clear in her voice and in her photography.

puffin snapshot

Take your own favourite snapshot of Pembrokeshire

Her enthusiasm for art and nature is one she’s eager to share with our guests and everyone who visits our beautiful county, and therefore Rachel used the lockdown of 2020 to launch a second business, Pembrokeshire Photography Workshops.  It’s a fantastic way to get to know Pembrokeshire if it’s the first time you’re visiting, as Rachel is about to launch a “3 hotspots” photography course taking in some of the highlights of this famous coastline.  It’s also a beautifully mindful activity to do on your relaxing holiday to Newgale – what better way to relax, really take in your surroundings, and have a beautiful snapshot of your calming coastal day? If you’re a budding photographer and, like Rachel, want to know what is possible beyond the automatic setting of your digital camera (or, indeed, iPhone), then why not book one of Rachel’s photography workshops during your next stay and capture your own snapshot of Newgale or other amazing locations around the county? 

The Pembrokeshire Photography Workshop course lasts around 3 1/2 hours and Rachel offers vouchers which would make the perfect gift to use on your next holiday as they’re valid for 12 months.

Quirky gifts to remind you of Wales

And if you’re after something a little quirky and fun, Rachel’s third business, in collaboration with a local graphic designer, is Ditsy Puffin Designs – we’ll let the Etsy shop speak for itself, but you must check out the tartan sheep!!

Next time you’re staying with us at Newgale Holidays, you will find Rachel’s fantastic snapshots of Pembrokeshire selling in over 30 locations in Pembrokeshire, but if you’d like to speak to her about a specific print or souvenir, contact Rachel at

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