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‘The Gate’

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Bringing The Community Together


We are delighted to share our long awaited news with you all – we are the new owners of the Roch Gate Motel, Pembrokeshire.

Once a thriving Pembrokeshire venue, the Roch Gate Motel has a wealth of history and memories attached to it. From weddings to anniversaries, birthday parties to nights out, it was ‘the place’ to be!

Sadly over the last decade the motel has been left empty and has become derelict – until now!

Bringing ‘The Gate’ back to life!

Our wish for many years has been to acquire the Roch Gate Motel site and to rebuild and develop something which the local community will benefit from and be proud of.

As of September 2023, we have officially submitted our pre-planning application for ‘The Gate.’ You can find comprehensive details regarding our application and the proposed site layout below.

Our preliminary planning application is open for public review. So whether you are a cherished member of the Roch community, a local resident, or a frequent visitor to Pembrokeshire, your feedback is highly appreciated.

Community Shop
– Our aim is to establish an an affordable and easy to access community shop that caters to both residents and visitors. This store will carry a wide range of necessities alongside locally sourced products.
We would also like to reinstate a valuable and essential service for our community by including a Post Office service within the shop.

Locally Run Bistro – Our proposed plan is to build an ‘All day Bistro’ catering for around 100 customers with both indoor and outdoor seating options. Our outdoor seating is South facing, to ensure our customers can soak up that summer sun!
Additionally, the bistro will feature a drive-thru service, where we plan to provide a variety of options, including hot and cold beverages, as well as a selection of meals and snacks for your convenience.

Commercial Business Units – Our pre-planning application encompasses three B1 business units, specifically designed to support small, local enterprises. Each unit measures 50 square meters, guaranteeing affordability and exemption from business rates for these businesses.

Rustic Timber Lodges – Our application encompasses a plan to introduce 25 charming rustic timber lodges on the land that was acquired in conjunction with The Roch Gate Motel. These lodges will be under private ownership, with the land being leased from The Roch Gate Motel.

Community Garden – Dedicating ourselves to supporting our local community is a fundamental aspect of our project. Our vision for a community garden is aimed at making it inclusive for individuals of all ages, whether they’re 7 or 70! This community garden will serve as both an educational and wellness space, providing opportunities for both residents and visitors to acquire knowledge about cultivating vegetables, caring for plants and shrubs, appreciating local wildlife, and rediscovering their connection with nature.

Conference Facilities – Creating a versatile space that serves the needs of both businesses and the community is a priority for us. That’s why we’ve incorporated a conference space into our pre-planning application. This conference area can accommodate up to 70 individuals, and has the flexibility to be divided into two separate spaces. It’s designed to serve a multitude of purposes, including business meetings, networking sessions, educational courses, yoga and fitness classes, small gatherings like film nights, and functions such as birthday parties, charity fundraisers etc. Our proposed bistro will also be available to cater to these diverse events.

Sustainability – Sustainability stands as one of our primary missions, and we aspire to achieve a Net Zero status by the year 2030. In pursuit of this goal, ‘The Gate’ pre-planning application includes the implementation of a biomass boiler and the installation of solar panels.

Shop &
Post Office

Locally Run Bistro
and Drive-thru

Timber Lodges


Garden & Play Park

Share Your Thoughts

The pre-planning application is not obligatory for the planning submission; nevertheless, we highly appreciate the input of our community members, locals and visitors, and wish to offer the chance for feedback, whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral!

To view the full application, or to submit any questions or feedback regarding our pre-planning application, please use the provided button below. For personal or general questions and feedback, you can contact us at Your input is invaluable to us.

Keeping The Memories Alive

We want to keep the memories of Roch Gate Motel alive! Whether you have a funny story, photos from family weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, we would love to hear and see them!

Share your story and pictures with us by using the button below, and we will feature our favourite ones on this page!

Our Next Steps

Tidy Up The Gate

March 2023: As you will know the Roch Gate Motel site has become an eyesore over the past 20 years. We’ve already started to tidy up the site by clearing the grounds and we have also installed new security fencing to make the site safe.

Submit Our Planning Application

Spring 2023: We are working closely with local statutory professionals in to prepare our plans and application. Our planning application will be submitted to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for the Roch Gate Motel soon!

Bringing To Life Our Plans

Spring/Summer 2024: Now we can get stuck in with the real work and bring our vision to life!

We value your opinion and welcome any feedback,
questions or suggestions about our future plans for The Gate.

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