Visit Pembrokeshire this New Year!

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Why not treat yourself to a New Year’s break in Pembrokeshire?!

The county of Pembrokeshire has so much to offer visitors all year round.

The historical and cultural aspects of the county can add that extra special touch to your stay whilst visiting the area in the New Year. Here are some key historical and cultural places to explore:

Ancient Heritage – Pembrokeshire boasts a rich ancient history. The area is dotted with ancient sites, including burial chambers, stone circles, and Iron Age hillforts. You can explore these historical treasures and get a sense of the region’s deep roots.

St. David’s Cathedral – The city of St. David’s is home to the spectacular St. David’s Cathedral, a site of great religious and historical significance. Go explore this stunning cathedral, which has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries. The city itself is the smallest in the UK and offers a charming and historic atmosphere.

Medieval Castles – The county is home to several well-preserved medieval castles. Pembroke Castle, for example, is a magnificent fortress with a history dating back to the 11th century. These castles provide a glimpse into the region’s medieval past, with stories of knights, battles, and royal intrigue.

Last Invasion of Britain – Fishguard is known for the last invasion of Britain in 1797. The town has a fascinating history tied to this event, and you can learn about it through local museums and historical markers. This unique piece of history adds a distinctive character to the area.

Pirates and Smuggling – Pembrokeshire has a fascinating maritime history, including tales of pirates and smugglers. The infamous pirate Black Bart, operated in the county’s waters. Exploring the coastal towns can reveal the history of smuggling and maritime trade that shaped the region.

By emphasizing these historical and cultural elements, you can paint a vivid picture of Pembrokeshire as a destination that not only offers beautiful landscapes and attractions but also provides a journey through time and a connection to the rich tapestry of its past.

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