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The Best Places For Sea Swimming in September in Pembrokeshire

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Looking for some activities to do on your holiday in Pembrokeshire in September? Look no further, one of our favourite activities is sea swimming in September. Pembrokeshire is home to over 100 beautiful beaches and most of them are perfect for sea swimming in September. 

Newgale Beach 

Newgale is a spectacular two-mile-long sandy beach with a big pebble bank behind it. At high tide, you are unable to see the sand on the beach but at low tide, it’s the perfect place for all watersports, not just sea swimming in September. Newgale is one of the favourite surfing locations in Pembrokeshire and attracts people all year round. It is the perfect place to take a swim as you can do lengths along the beach instead of going out too deep in the sea. The magnificent two-mile stretch means you can get incredible laps along the coastline. Please be careful whilst swimming on the beach as lifeguard patrol stops on the 5th of September. This beach is just less than a five-minute drive from Newgale Holidays and there are some car parks at the beach for you to park at. 

Broad Haven Beach 

Broad Haven Beach is a popular sandy beach with plenty of rock pools to be explored at low tide. The beach is popular with windsurfers and surfers, small crafts can even be launched from the beach. It is also very popular with swimmers who can swim freely on the large beach. The lifeguard patrol on this beach finishes on the 5th of September so be careful and make sure you don’t go out of your depth. The beach is a fifteen-minute drive from Newgale Holidays and there are two car parks to choose from. The beach also has a concrete ramp that can be used for wheelchair and pushchair access. 

Whitesands Beach

Whitesands beach is one of our favourite beaches to go sea swimming in September and we think you’ll love it too. It has been awarded a blue flag. Meaning that it meets the organisation’s standards of environmental management for water quality, safety and public environmental education. The beautiful white sandy beach attracts surfers from all over Britain as it is one of Wales’ top surf spots. The beach is perfect for swimming as you can swim the length of the beach and don’t have to go out of your depth at all. Be careful as lifeguards stop patrolling the beach daily on the 5th of September but they do continue to patrol the beach on the weekends from 10 am-6 pm until the 17th of October. Whitesands Beach has a large car park just on the beach which also houses public toilets and Whitesands Beach House a cafe that is currently offering takeaway hot and cold food and drinks.  

Caerfai Bay 

Caerfai is a splendid sheltered sandy cove just outside of St Davids, the bay is filled with rock pools and caves to explore on your trip. When the tide goes out a beautiful sandy beach is revealed too and it’s perfect for swimming. Be careful when in Caerfai Bay as there is no lifeguard patrol on this particular beach. Caerfai Bay is just over a twenty-minute drive from Newgale Holidays and there is a small car park above the Bay. Access is down a small footpath with some large steps at the bottom of the path. 

Solva Harbour

At high tide, Solva Harbour is the perfect place to go sea swimming in September. You can walk right off of the slip straight into the water for a dip, or if you are feeling more adventurous you can jump off the Harbour wall straight into the sea. Solva has a car park right on the harbour that you can park in which is less than a fifteen-minute drive from Newgale Holidays. The walk to the end of the harbour is over a flat path along the harbour so you can take in the spectacular views on your way. 

Things To Remember When Sea Swimming in September 

The seawater will be a little bit colder than it was in August but has not yet plummeted to winter temperatures. It is important to ease yourself into sea swimming and to stay calm and relaxed when swimming. 

It is also important to bring plenty of warm and dry clothing and towels so you can change after your swim. A lot of seasoned wild swimmers also bring a flask or hot chocolate, tea, or coffee to drink after their swim and some kind of yummy snack like cake, biscuits or cereal bars. This will help to maintain energy after your swim and warm you up considerably. 

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