Discovering Pembrokeshire’s Puffin Paradise: A Guide to Skomer Island

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If you find yourself in Pembrokeshire between April and August, chances are you’ll coincide with the adorable and renowned Skomer Island Puffins!
If you’re eager to catch a glimpse of these beloved birds, here’s your ultimate guide to experiencing the puffins on Skomer Island.

Where is Skomer Island?
Situated in Jack Sound, just under a mile off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Skomer Island spans less than 3km². It stands as one of the UK’s most significant seabird sanctuaries. The puffin population thrives here, making it one of the prime puffin-watching spots in Pembrokeshire, if not the entire UK!


When can you see Puffins on Skomer Island?
Puffins make their grand entrance on Skomer Island in April, bidding farewell around August. They may need some settling time, but the prime period for witnessing a bustling puffin colony is from mid-June to mid-July. While puffins may steal the spotlight, Skomer offers more treasures to explore, including sightings of manx shearwaters, dolphins, porpoises, seals, razorbills, and an array of captivating flora and fauna.

How can you visit Skomer Island?
For the residents and visitors in Pembrokeshire there are two main avenues to reach Skomer Island:
Land Excursion: Head to Martin’s Haven, an hour’s drive from St Davids, where you can catch a boat to Skomer. Previously operating on a first-come, first-served basis, bookings are now available online. After a scenic 15-minute voyage aboard the Dale Princess, you’re free to explore the island at your leisure, indulging in puffin spotting and more.
Sea Adventure: If you prefer a nautical perspective, opt for a boat trip departing from St Justinians, home to the St Davids lifeboat station. Falcon Boats offer thrilling excursions to Skomer, providing an alternative vantage point to marvel at Pembrokeshire’s puffins.

What to keep in mind when landing on Skomer?
As with any wildlife habitat, certain guidelines ensure a harmonious visit to Skomer Island.

Here’s a brief rundown, though it’s wise to acquaint yourself with the specific advice when booking your trip:
Stick to designated paths to preserve the island’s delicate ecosystem, home to puffins, rabbits, and shearwaters.
Dress appropriately for varying weather conditions and wear sturdy footwear suitable for walking on uneven terrain.
Note that dogs are NOT permitted on Skomer.
Be prepared for a bit of physical activity, including navigating 87 steps from the jetty and traversing uneven ground.
While there are no on-island cafe facilities, you can purchase water, so be sure to pack a picnic to fuel your adventure!

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