Easter 2020 activities with Newgale Holidays

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Now that the winter storms seem to have passed, a few flashes of bright yellow daffodil in the hedgerow indicate that spring is in the air – it’s time to start thinking about your Easter 2020 holidays.  And with front row seats to watch the wild winter turn into stunning spring, there’s nowhere better to be than Newgale and the Pembrokeshire coast for your Easter 2020 break.  With our beautiful holiday accommodation as a relaxing and comfortable base, come and spend Easter on this glorious coastline as the coastal flowers burst pink and yellow across the cliffs, the migrant birds call overhead…and you might even find a chocolate egg hunt or two, too!

Still need convincing that Newgale and its surrounding area is the perfect place for your spring getaway?  Here’s a list of Easter 2020 activities that you can only do right here at Newgale Holidays.

1.Spot the egg in the pebbles

Newgale beach is only a few miles from your beautiful holiday home at Newgale Holidays, and unlike most of Pembrokeshire’s many sandy coves, Newgale is covered with sea-kissed, softly rounded pebbles of all colours, mimicking the fascinating range of vibrant, Precambrian volcanic rocks that make up the cliffs of St Bride’s Bay.  Most of us clamber over them to dip our feet in the sea, but before you dismiss these pretty pebbles…don’t they make the most perfect place to hide Easter eggs?  There’s no other place on the Pembrokeshire coast where radiant rocks perfectly camouflage tasty treats…just make sure the tide doesn’t get to them before the kids do!

2. Egg hunt with a view

If all that egg hiding sounds laborious, then why not head over to one of the best Easter egg hunt locations in the UK?  Less than 2 miles from your holiday accommodation is the beautiful and historic Southwood Farm, a Grade II listed farmhouse and courtyard which is part of the National Trust-owned Southwood Estate.  Its working farm, with incredible clifftop location overlooking St Bride’s Bay and the St Davids peninsula beyond, hosts an annual Cadbury Easter Egg hunt in its spectacular grounds, and with the weather looking to be fine, Easter 2020 is no egg-ception.  You’ll have to stop yourself staring out to sea in order to find the eggs, though.

3. Who needs chicks when you have puffins?

That’s right, get your lifejacket on, hop aboard a local boat tour and head on over to Ramsey Island for a totally different kind of egg hunt.  It’s nesting season on the island, so while you may not yet see the babies, adult Puffins are pretty cool.  With their stocky builds and colourful beaks, these squeaky little birds are inquisitive and very noisy.  Be sure to keep a good distance so as not to disturb them during their nesting as it can put them off their burrow altogether.  For trips on the water for the whole family, visit Voyages of Discovery or Falcon Boats , both of whom land at Ramsey at Easter, dependent on the weather.  Make Easter 2020 one to remember with a totally unique trip to one of the UK’s most fascinating islands.

4. Easter Service in Britain’s Smallest City

If you’ve not been to St Davids before then Easter is the perfect time to go.  This ancient settlement was given city status in the 16th century and was restored in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II.  The reason for its status is due to the famous and handsome cathedral which was built on the site of the 6th-century monastery of Wales’ patron saint, David.  Tyddewi literally means “David’s House” and while his monastery was plundered by Vikings long after his death, the present cathedral stands as a lasting commemoration of the peaceful and religious order of David and his brotherhood.

Being as religious ceremonies have been performed here for over 1,500 years, then it would be rude not to visit this beautiful site during the Holy Week of Easter 2020.  The cathedral holds Family Eucharist on Easter Sunday morning at 09:30am, and Easter eggs are given to all children present.

5. Walk off all that chocolate

Once all the fun has been had and you’re sick of the sight of chocolate eggs, then we’d defy you to find a better place in all of Britain for a long walk to shed those choccy calories. 

One of our favourite walks along this coastline is from Newgale to Solva and takes in much of the coastline you’ll have been staring at during your Easter 2020 break at Newgale Holidays.  It’s just over 4 miles with some hilly climbing to begin with, but this unspoilt stretch of coast gives you the best view of the entire bay.  At this time of year, the clifftops are bursting with pink thrifts and coconut-scented yellow gorse, and the Manx shearwaters will be swooping along the cliffs, heading towards their island homes.  There’s no better way to enjoy the Pembrokeshire coastline than to be out on the coastal path in your boots, taking in the stunning scenery and fresh air before you head home with heads full of memories of a fantastic Easter 2020!

Do you like the sound of our Easter 2020 activities and want to book one of our cottages for your Easter stay?  Think you’d rather come and visit us in the summer? Head over to our Booking page to check availability and follow us on Facebook for seasonal activities to suit your perfect stay at Newgale Holidays.

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