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Discover your perfect holiday right on our doorstep at Newgale Holidays

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Let’s be honest, we’re biased.  We think Pembrokeshire is fantastic, and we think that a stay in the fresh sea air with superb coastal scenery, fresh food in abundance and activities galore make for a pretty smashing stay.  But during these uncertain times, we also know that people are wary of going away in case they encounter crowds of people.  While we’re quite a drive from the M4, we’re also not in the middle of nowhere, as Pembrokeshire tends to draw the crowds exactly because of its scenic, untouched shores.  However, if you’re nervous about being around other people, then fear not!  We can offer you the perfect holiday in Pembrokeshire with everything you need to have an amazing break right on your Newgale holiday cottage doorstep!

Perfect holiday requirement 1: Peace and quiet

We’re on the edge of the sea, so the only noise you’ll hear from your cottage is the seagulls!  The 130 acres of rolling agricultural land surrounding our site, with sea views in the distance, means that you can have that peaceful break from the craziness of 2020 just by sitting on your private patio and taking in the sea air.  At night, why not indulge in a spot of romantic stargazing under unspoilt dark skies before having the best sleep ever in your comfy cottage bed?

Perfect holiday requirement 2: Beaches

We’ve got this covered and then some!  Award-winning Newgale beach is merely a few miles from your cottage and is a surfer’s paradise.  You can choose to hire boards and wetsuits from local providers Newsurf, or just enjoy the 2-mile stretch of pebble and sand beach, perfect for paddling, brisk dog walks and, for the braver amongst you, a quick sea swim!

If you want to assess how busy the beach is before you set off, then why not take a look at our Newgale Beach webcam here?

Pembrokeshire has over 50 beaches, so if you fancy venturing further afield, then take a look at this beach guide, or just head a few miles south to Broad Haven beach or the smaller cove of Little Haven for something a little less crowded.

Perfect holiday requirement 3: Pubs

We’re located a mere half-mile from the pretty little village of Roch, home to a converted 12th-century castle, as well as a small shop and, most importantly, the local pub.  The Victoria Inn Brewhouse really is the crème de la crème of village pubs.  Not only can you get your usual beverages, but they also brew their own, with an incredibly versatile selection of their own ales ranging from pale ale to rich, dark drinks.  They also serve excellent home-cooked meals and Sunday dinners.  All their offerings are currently for outside service; however, they’ve even got that covered, literally – the sail-like stretch tent sits elegantly against the renovated stone building like a ship being built.  This is the perfect place for a post-swim pint with views towards Newgale beach and incredible sunsets.

Perfect holiday requirement 4: Walks

Being at the epicentre of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, the most famous in Britain means that this is pure heaven for those of you who like a rambling holiday or just a good brisk jaunt to walk off the holiday food!  We’ve given you an overview of some of the best Pembrokeshire coast path walks from Newgale here, but if you’re looking for something even more local than that, then did you know that a public footpath runs right through our grounds?

Over a stile at the end of the driveway that enters Newgale Holidays, you’ll notice a footpath sign pointing across the fields beyond.  Follow this for approximately 45 minutes of bucolic green fields, the occasional small path across old farm tracks and then down dramatically towards the gorgeous cove of Nolton Haven.  This is one of Pembrokeshire’s tiny hidden coves with a pebble beach looking out across St Bride’s Bay and towards the south of the county. 

This is the perfect path if you’d like a quiet, undisturbed walk and you still get the dramatic scenery of more prominent walks, with a rewarding sea view at the end of it!

Perfect holiday requirement 5: Restaurants

Speaking of Nolton Haven, it is home to one of the best restaurants in Pembrokeshire, The Haven Brasserie.  Renovated in 2019, this gorgeous spot which used to be part of the old Mariners Inn has now become a clever mix of upmarket and casual, traditional and contemporary.  The gastro-style menu includes fresh seafood and one of the most superb Sunday lunches we’ve ever had!  With beautiful views across the beach from the elegant, warm restaurant, this is definitely a gem of a dining spot – build up your appetite by walking here from your cottage!

For more information about activities and events happening in and around Pembrokeshire, please be sure to follow us on social media. See you soon!

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