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Why Autumn is the perfect time to visit Pembrokeshire

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It’s no wonder that Pembrokeshire is choc-a-block in the summertime, with the warm weather and sun beckoning people to the wonderful beaches. This sometimes makes Pembrokeshire a little bit overcrowded. We locals love the summer here, but we prefer the other seasons of the year, and Autumn is the best one of all. We think that you will love to visit Pembrokeshire in Autumn.

The crowds have diminished

The whole of Pembrokeshire feels deserted – you may even be lucky enough to have a whole beach to yourselves, with schools back open again and when families have left Pembrokeshire and have returned to their normal lives. So, long gone are the crowded beaches, busy restaurants, and long queues – as most of the tourists have left Pembrokeshire. No more traffic everywhere (unless you get stuck behind a tractor!). It really is the perfect time to visit Pembrokeshire. 

The Autumn scenery is spectacular

When you visit Pembrokeshire, you will be surrounded by a multitude of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns from all of the woodland-filled valleys, windswept trees, hardy shrubbery, and coastal paths dripping with striking heathers and gorse. The vast array of colours make the scenery even more interesting than it was before. The flora that was once lush green has turned into a kaleidoscope of rich autumn shades.

Leaf-crunching walks

One of the best things about Autumn (in our opinion!) is the slow, relaxed, leaf-crunching walks in the morning. Take a trip to Prendergast Woods to explore the array of warm colours and crunchy underfoot stomps. It is just a ten-minute drive from Newgale Holidays. The woods run along the river Solva for over 300 yards and are mainly composed of silver birch and oak trees, which look incredible in the autumn as the leaves turn a silvery grey before slowly falling away. 

What better time is there to visit with your dog? 

Both Newgale beach (of which the middle third is dog free in the summer months) and Solva Harbour are dog-friendly throughout the year. With most beaches closed in the summer months to our furry friends, Autumn is a brilliant time to visit Pembrokeshire with your pooch! It is also the best time to come to Pembrokeshire with your dog as the weather is still lovely and sunny but not too hot, so your furry friend will be comfortable.

The best time of year for seal spotting

The best time to spot seals when you visit Pembrokeshire is the Autumn, specifically throughout September. The seals come to the myriad of hidden beaches and coves to give birth to their pups. The easiest way to find seal hotspots is by walking along the coast path, as you walk you’ll pass many different secluded spots perfect for harbouring babies. You may even be lucky enough to spot seals at a few different places around the beach. Be careful not to get too close, though, as you may scare the seal and it may abandon its pup. 

To discover more ideas and activities for you to do when you visit Pembrokeshire, take a look at our news page. Follow our Facebook page too, as we post regular updates and interesting things to see on your stay with us!  

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